Integrative Cancer Biology Program (ICBP)
lab group

The San Antonio-IU ICBP site is focused on understanding the epigenomic changes associated with hormone resistant cancers and the development of therapies for tumor resistance, recurrence and metastasis. We hypothesis that DNA methylation signatures can be used for predictive prognostic testing in order to better tailor patient treatments.


Our center assembles an integrated team of scientists to uncover how the epigenome interacts with the genome in the genesis and the progression of human cancers, at both the global level and the single gene level, to provide opportunities for personalized medicine in cancer prevention and recurrence. The Center uses cutting-edge next generation sequencing technologies coupled with novel bioinformatics and computationalapproaches to unravel the role of epigenetic alternations in human cancers and their microenvironment in the dysregulated cellular and molecular functionsobserved in this disease. The team systematically collects information on the cancer epigenome and provides informatics tools to the ICBP and research community using visualization of data through web portals to facility viewing and data mining.